A collaboration collection by L'ANIMAL X DAPHNE JOY

I loved co-designing these bold vibrant styles with L’ANIMAL because her suits have always been designed to enhance curves and make them the star of the show. It’s unapologetically sexy, vibrant, and the fits always make me feel sexy from every angle. Collaborating together was a no brainer. We wanted to go loud, classic, fierce, vibrant and sexy. The name, “La Muse,” was chosen for the collection because it simply means, “The Muse.” I’ve always felt a woman who embodies something special, something unique, can command attention with not much effort, just by simply being, that little bit of something beautiful we just can’t put into words, and a leader... is a Muse. We hope you feel your best most confident self in, “La Muse,” collection because we definitely had you in mind.

Daphne Joy

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